As automation continues to eliminate more and more jobs, Congress has done nothing except pay lip service to addressing the challenges facing the American worker. One reason: far too many politicians have looked down on manufacturing jobs or skilled labor careers as a back-up rather than the bedrock of the middle class. Not Max. He is fighting to expand vocational education and manufacturing institutes, renewing our commitment to supporting skilled labor.

Max wants to ensure that teachers and public schools have the right kind of resources to prepare our kids for the challenges of the 21st century, so that all kids have a shot at good job opportunities with or without a college degree. And instead of saddling those who do choose to go to college with mountains of debt, Max is working to lower student loan interest rates to the same levels that bailed-out banks received at the height of the financial crisis. His ultimate goal: making college debt free. Plain and simple, Max believes the federal government should not be making a profit on educational loans. It’s unacceptable.

Max does not believe the Mayor’s plan to end the SHSAT is the best way to ensure that New York City’s children have the greatest education available to them. He believes we should be focused on ensuring that the city spends the millions of dollars allocated by the state to provide prep and training for the SHSAT correctly – which he does not believe they are doing so right now. Lowering standards, instead of aiming to lift every child up is the wrong decision for our district, and all of New York City’s children.

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