Rooting out Corruption

When Max ran for Congress two years ago, he did it for a pretty simple reason: our problems were being ignored and if we weren’t being ignored we were getting screwed over by a bunch of politicians more focused on cashing out to corporate lobbyists than getting results for the people who put them in office. They’d take our tax money, our votes, and break every promise they made because they thought they could get away with it. And maybe until then they had—but in 2018 we said enough was enough.

Max has run his campaign by telling corporate PACs and federal lobbyists to keep their damn money. By fighting to ban corporate PACs entirely, close lobbyist loopholes, overturn Citizens United, and increase transparency, Max is fighting against corruption and special interests every day. He believes that it is time to put government back on the side of working people. We came one step closer to achieving that by passing the most sweeping anti-corruption legislation in a generation: HR 1, the For the People Act, which makes it easier for people to vote, getting dark money out of politics, and demanding accountability from politicians.

Since taking office, Max has:

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