Standing up for Working People

The people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn wake up every day and work their hearts out to keep this city and country going. And what have they gotten for that hard work? Politicians in Washington who cater to corporations and special interests’ demands, rigging the system for their benefit, while middle and working-class Americans get screwed over or left behind. In Congress, Max will fight for the America we know is possible – one where we can create good-paying jobs as we rebuild our infrastructure with union labor. He’ll lead the fight against national right-to-work and advocate for stronger labor laws that make it easier for workers to unionize.

Right now, the laws prohibiting employers from firing workers who are organizing are very weak and the penalties are too light. This makes it too easy for big businesses like Charter Spectrum to put profits ahead of the hardworking members of Local 3 who do the work right here in this district.

At the national level, Max will vehemently oppose any efforts to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires government contractors to pay the local prevailing wages for work on federally funded projects. Repealing Davis-Bacon Act would be disastrous for states like New York, and Staten Island in particular, where the cost of living is so high. Max will never allow the union workers in his district to get screwed over.

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