Fixing Health Care and Lowering Drug Costs

Rising premiums and deductibles have rendered insurance useless for far too many, while also eating away at stagnant take-home pay. Meanwhile, companies like Mylan jack up the price of an EpiPen by 400% without a thought – or consequence. But Max is getting results.

Max is helping to lead the charge to lower prescription drug prices. He helped pass the bill to finally let Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices and make the lower drug prices negotiated by Medicare available to all Americans, including those with private insurance. At the end of 2019, the House of Representatives passed this historic legislation, called the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. It included Max’s bill, the More Help for Seniors Act, which uses savings from negotiations to lower Medicare Part D copays and deductibles for low-income seniors. That day, Big Pharma lost, and the American people won. This legislation is now waiting for action in the Senate.

Max is also focused on the mental and physical health of our veterans. He serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Max’s bill, the FIGHT Veteran Suicide Act, passed the House. He’s now fighting to get it passed in the Senate and signed into law. This bipartisan bill is a key effort to respond to the surge of veterans committing suicide at VA hospitals and clinics.

The Breaking Barriers for Women Veterans Act, Max’s bipartisan bill to expand and improve VA care for our growing population of women veterans also passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate.

Following a bipartisan tour of a VA health clinic in our district, the President’s VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said of Max: “It’s an honor for me to be here with a warrior, and I think it’s great for Staten Island—a borough with a military record of achievement that goes back hundreds of years, the highest number of veterans who served in World War II came from this borough—so having someone who speaks the language and understands the culture is absolutely key.” Read more here.

Max thinks outside the box about how to improve people’s lives. Max’s amendment to the Violence Against Women Act will bring the domestic violence crisis hotline into the 21st Century by finally allowing text messages, not just calls. This will ensure that even if a woman is in a dangerous situation and can’t make noise to call she can still get the help she so desperately needs. This amendment passed the House along with the larger bill and needs to be passed by the Senate as soon as possible.

Max is one of the few members of congress who worked in healthcare before being elected to serve their communities. As Chief of Staff at Brightpoint Health, Max helped working people get healthcare they could afford. He knows firsthand how underserved our community is when it comes to these vital services, and has taken active steps to address this issue, including helping bring a medical clinic and drug recovery center to the Island.

Competition is the American way. It’s high time that we level the playing field, so insurance companies and healthcare systems are competing on both pricing and quality with Medicare and other federal healthcare options. Max has cosponsored multiple pieces of legislation that will create a public option, improve healthcare delivery, and improve Medicare.

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