October 21, 2018

Max Was Named to City&State’s NYC 40 Under 40

The average age of a member of the House of Representatives is 57. Max Rose, the Democratic congressional nominee for New York’s 11th District, is turning 32 soon.

“I remember back to enlisting and a plain desire not to be on the sidelines,” Rose says. “That’s why I’m running today. That’s why I want to continue to serve. Because I know we can do better.”

An Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, Rose remains a member of the National Guard. Rose worked for the late Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson and as chief of staff for Brightpoint Health, a nonprofit network of outpatient clinics for the poor and homeless.

He attributes his decision to run for Congress to “the failure of politicians.” He says, “There’s no silver bullet here. It’s been a generation of failure to address things like an affordability crisis, gun violence, skyrocketing health care costs, educations costs, commuting time, the opioid epidemic and eventually it’s just too much and enough is enough.”

Rose recalls that bipartisan congressional action saved his life in Afghanistan. Congress allocated funding to outfitting Rose’s vehicle with extra armor. “That’s something that we should be able to do and it applies to much bigger things than just armor underneath a vehicle,” Rose says. “We should be able to do that for an interstate highway act or attack public health crises. It’s no longer cute, Congress’ ability to not get something done. … It’s a national security threat and it’s got to be addressed.”

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