July 2, 2020


U.S. Rep. Max Rose (South Brooklyn, Staten Island) helped pass through the House of Representatives the Moving Forward Act, a comprehensive funding bill that will invest in transportation, water infrastructure, housing, and create millions of new jobs.  

“I promised to do everything I can to end my constituents’ commuting nightmare and this is another step of many we are taking to get the job done,” Rose said. “Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites deserve lower tolls, better streets, subways that are actually on time, shorter commutes, and the assurance that their roads won’t flood every time it rains—and I won’t stop fighting until that’s a reality.”    

The legislation, which passed with bipartisan support, includes nearly $500 billion in federal funding for surface and rail transit over five years, including over $23 billion in funding for New York—the third most of any state—which will help improve transit and end New Yorker’s commuting nightmares. The legislation also includes Rose’s proposal to allow toll revenues to be used for commuter discounts.

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