Immigration Reform

Max believes we can protect our borders and have a immigration system that is fair, functional, and compassionate.

NY-11’s rich history of immigrantion and all of its present day immigrant communities represent not just our nation’s beauty, but also its strength. The immigrants of NY-11 and the nation at large are a national asset who are deserving of compassion, respect and equal treatment under the law. Republicans and Democrats need to work together to pass comprehensive immigration reform, modernizing all aspects of our immigration policy including providing a legal pathway for law-abiding undocumented residents to obtain citizenship, most especially our DREAMers who were brought to America as children and have known life in no other country. Max also believes that we can and must do all we can to secure our borders while maintaining our moral compass. Lastly, Max believes that it is absolutely vital that America’s legal immigration system be fully funded, streamlined and strengthened, further enabling America’s competitive economic advantage.

Max was a leading advocate in fighting the Travel Ban—which in reality stood as a Muslim Ban—including being an original cosponsor of the NO BAN Act. The Travel Ban targeted Muslims and left military translators and intelligence sources in danger, abandoning our allies in the fight against terrorism. Max helped bring pressure on the Trump administration in fighting the Muslim Ban, challenging the Secretary of Homeland Security at a hearing to demonstrate with facts and data how the Travel Ban has, if at all, prevented terrorist travel into the United States. The Trump Administration was of course unable to do so. Max vociferously advocated for the Yemeni-American citizens in NY-11 who faced hardships with family member’s visa applications due to the Muslim Ban, going as far as formally requesting the Secretary of State to personally approve applications for several constituents.

Max consistently sought to protect refugees through the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Program and the Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) Program as these are refugees who have fled war, natural disasters, and other horrible circumstances. America must continue to be a beacon of hope in a dark world by giving refuge in America to those most in need. Since 1991, thousands of Liberian nationals have been eligible for TPS or DED, which has allowed them to maintain legal immigration status here. Max successfully fought efforts by President Trump to terminate DED status for our Liberian neighbors, protecting Staten Island’s vibrant Liberian community, one of the largest outside of Africa.

Max Rose is fighting for...